Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because our design approach is directly dependent upon the needs of our Customers.

Below you will find brief descriptions of existing offerings. You can also click the associated link to additional details. Overall, the following can provide a level of understanding how we can service your current needs.    Who We Are?    

The core component, POS Service Agent, has been tested and will continue to stay in accordance with Class B Certification Standards.  More Information...

The Point of Sale (POS) Service Agent is a licensed-arrange application designed to be integrated with existing and/or new business applications dealing with Payment Transaction processing and resides within the Partner’s technical infrastructure.

The POS Service Agent integrates into the Customer's system to interact and establish the associated Credit Card or Check (Automated Clearing House) gateway and upon completion transfers the funds into the Customer’s Merchant account.

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There are two Pay-By-Swipe applications; one which is designed to be integrated with existing and/or new business applications dealing with New Customer Account Setup, User Identity Verification, and Payment Transaction processing (Quick Info), while the second leverages Exadigm's advanced XD1000 POS Terminal device.

Each application were throughly tested and certified through Authorize Net certification program.

From a security standpoint, Pay-By-Swipe requires minimal access to proprietary data. In fact, interactions are limited to how tight you want to integrate into existing systems (verify an existing Customer Account, setting up a new Customer Account, and providing the completed Payment Transaction record). At all times the transmittal of data in and out of the applications to the back-office systems is controlled by the initial configuration settings provided by the associated Computer Security team.

The Pay Assistant application is designed similarily to Pay-By-Swipe but also includes both Card Present (CP) and Card Not Present(CNP) payment processing.

Pay Assistant leverages the POS Service Agent and capable of payment processing for more than one Merchant Account while using the IVAN Triple DES Encryption to protect the data transaction.

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The Identity Verification Authority Network (IVAN) encryption module provides a level of security meeting industry standards such as FIPS40. The Triple Digital Encryption algorithm cannot be breached and has a virtual hash key to have a continuous changed encryption mesh topology.

Secure Authorized Monitored Messaging System [SAMMS], developed initially for the correctional industry, provides an e-messaging capability between Members and Recipients with a Supervisory Agency in full control to monitor and validate against similar policies and rules that apply in automating supevison of communications between parties (i.e., Topic Spotting, Mail Quotas, Restricted Lists).

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