DaKainer DNA Index Pointer

The DaKainer DNA Index Pointer provides profiles of Deceased Persons where a DNA was acquired, tested, and recorded on www.GEDmatch.com, thus, allowing opportunities to find live Descendants of these Persons in an effort to uniquely identify the Deceased's Descendants. Over time, DNA Analysis can be performed between multiple Deceased Persons to establish their Families.

During the Civil War Period, Court Houses were burned down resulting in many Public Records destroyed. As a result, those doing family history hit a road block since there is no verifiable way in confirming family relationships due to no existing documents to validate their ancestors except from family lore. If one is attempting to apply for a membership into a genealogical society (Daughters of American Revolution, Sons of American Revolution, Sons of Early American Colonists, etc.), family lore is not permittable since it requires Public Records.

This patented approach takes DNA Analysis for Genealogical purposes to the next level.

The DaKainer DNA Index Pointer provides the Name, Location of the Grave, and associated DNA Profile.

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